Revival, Social Reform and Spiritual Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Conference organised by the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of Partium Christian University together with István Sulyok Theological Institute, and Partium Regional Research Institute, 22-23 November, 2018.

Theme: Revival, Social Reform and Spiritual Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Place: Partium Christian University, Strada Sulyok Istvan nr. 14-16, Oradea-Nagyvárad

Time: 22-23 November, 2018.


Conference organised by the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of Partium Christian University together with István Sulyok Theological Institute, and Partium Regional Research Institute



                                  21 November, 2018 (Wednesday) – arrival


17.00-19.30      Registration/Arrival to Oradea-Nagyvárad, Partium Christian University

(if possible latest by 19 hours on Wednesday)


20.00-              Dinner


22 November, 2018 (Thursday)


08.30-08.55      Registration at Partium Christian University

09.00-09.05      Opening Words by Rector, Prof. Dr. József Pálfi

09.05-09.10      Welcome by Prof. Dr. Ábrahám Kovács


Chairperson: Levente Horváth


09.10-09.35      Ottó Pecsuk (Budapest, Hungary): Beginnings of the Bible Mission of the British and Foreign Bible Society in the early 19th Century Hungary

09.35-10.00      Emanuel Contac (Bukarest, Romania): Sowing the Word of God: Benjamin Barker and the printing of the 1838 Romanian NT

10.00-10.20      Discussion


Chairperson: Emanuel Contac


10.20-10.55      Ábrahám Kovács (Debrecen, Hungary): Revival, Bible Societies and Tract Societies in Historic Hungary. A multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-denomination work for Christ

10.55-11.20      Ferenc Szilágyi (Oradea-Nagyvárad, Romania): Identity changes. Reflections about changes of Romanian and Hungarian Christian denominations in Szatmár County during the 20th century

11.20-11.40      Discussion


11.40-11.50      Coffee break


Chairperson:  Csaba Fazekas


11.50-12.15      Levente Horváth (Cluj-Kolozsvár, Romania): The Ambiguous Beginnings of the Modern Mission Movements in the Reformed Church of Transylvania between 1895 and 1918. Against the Backdrop of the Enlightenment Narrative with a Peculiar Perspective on our Postmodern Milieu

12.15-12.40      Kálmán Árpád Kovács (Veszprém-Budapest, Hungary): Debates on Conversion and Spiritual Rebirth in the Hungarian Protestant Press between 1891 and 1901

12.40-13.00      Discussion


13.00-14.00      Lunch


Chairperson: Otto Pecsuk


14.00- 14.25     Csaba Fazekas (Miskolc, Hungary): Protestant Revivals and Small Churches in the interwar Hungary

14. 25-14.50     Gábor Lányi (Budapest, Hungary): Bishop Albert Bereczky (1893-1966) and the Revival Movement


14.50-15.10      Discussion


15.10-15.25      Coffee break


Chairperson:  Kálmán Árpád Kovács


15.25- 15.50     Cyprian Simut (Oradea-Nagyvárad, Romania): How to Argue for the Impossible.  The Concept of Universal Peace and Morals in the Theology of David Bogue (1750-1825)

15.50- 16.15     István Borzási (Oradea-Nagyvárad): Baptist Mission and Strategy in Transylvania, 1867-1917. The Baptist Mission Work and Strategy of Mihály Kornya (1844-1917)

16.15-16.40      Corneliu Simut (Oradea-Nagyvárad, Romania): The Reformed Calvinist Theology upon which the Romanian Baptist Seminary Was Built and why Romanian Baptists Turned Out Arminian


16.40-17.00      Discussion


                        Chairperson: Corneliu Simut


17.00-17.25      Botond Kertész (Budapest, Hungary): Der evangelische Christ (1848) Die erste bekennende Zeitschrift der Evangelischen in Ungarn

17.25-17.50      Gerhard Hausmann (Germany): Erweckung - Mission - Soziales Engagement" im Umfeld der Erzherzogin Maria Dorothea


17.50-18.10      Discussion


19.00 -             Dinner


23 November, 2018 (Friday)


Chairperson: Attila Verók


09.00-09.25      Karl W. Schwarz (Wien, Austria): Scientific relationship between Debrecen and Vienna exemplified by Eduard Böhl and Sándor Venetianer

09.25- 09.50     Teofil Kovács (Debrecen, Hungary): The Defenders of Faith. The Correspondence  between Ferenc Balogh, Father of New Orthodoxy Movement und Eduard Böhl, a Reformed Pietist Professor of Dogmatics from Vienna

09.50.-10.15     Zoltán Juhász (Debrecen-Székelyudvarhely, Hungary, Romania): Die Erscheinung des deutsch-niederländischen Pietismus in der ungarischen reformierten Erneuerung. Die Rolle von Károly Rácz in der reformierten Neoortodoxie

10.15-10.35      Discussion


10.35-10.45      Coffee break


Chairperson: Gábor Lányi


10.45-11.10      Árpád Kulcsár (Oradea-Nagyvárad, Romania): An Evangelical Impact on Bishop László Ravasz, the encounter with John Mott in Kolozsvár

11.10-11.35      Pál Hatos (Kaposvár, Hungary): After liberalism. The Idea of Revival and the Conservative Ecclesiology of the young László Ravasz 1907- 1918


11.35-11.50      Discussion


Chairperson: Teofil Kovács


11.50-12.15      Attila Verók (Eger/Nagyvárad, Hungary, Romania): Erbauungsliteratur mit pietistischer Note in den Lesestoffen der Siebenbürger Sachsen im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert

12.15-12.40      Péter Kónya (Presov-Eperjes, Slovakia): Die Reformierten als eine ungewünschte Konfession in Preschau im 17. Jahrhundert


12.40-12.55      Discussion


12.55-14.00      Lunch


Chairperson: Árpád Kulcsár         


14.00-14.25      Annamária Kónyová (Presov-Eperjes, Slovakia): Reformed and Lutherans living side by side in Zemplém County during the 16 and 17th century

14.25-14.50      József  Pálfi (Oradea-Nagyvárad, Romania): The Idea of Personal Renewal in the writing of József Keresztesi, a Puritan Revivalist from Transylvania

14.50-15.10      Jenő Szigeti (Budapest, Hungary): Interethnical relations between the small Protestant Churches During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy   


15.10-15.30      Discussion


15.30-15.45      Participants suggestions for future cooperation


15.45-16.00      Closing Words by Ábrahám Kovács



Organising Committee:


Prof. Dr. Ábrahám Kovács, Partium Christian University, Romania

Prof. dr. József Pálfi, rector,  Partium Christian University, Romania

Dr. Attila Lévai, dean, János Sellye University, Slovakia

Prof. dr. habil. Corneliu Simuț, Emmanuel University of Oradea, Romania

Prof. dr. habil.Csaba Fazekas, University of Miskolc, Hungary

Dr. Teofil Kovács, vice-director, Manuscript Collection, Debrecen Reformed College, Hungary