Corporate Value Creation in a Knowledge-based Economy

Corporate Value Creation in a Knowledge-based Economy

Thursday, 2 May 2019, 15.30 – 17.00 Bolyai

Session Chair: Károly Pető

Performance Analysis of Stock Exchange Companies in Central and Eastern European EU Member States

Veronika Fenyves, Tibor Tarnóczi:

University of Debrecen

Keywords: market value, book value, financial ratios, panel data model

Competitive Lateral Innovation

Ibolya Szalai

Dunaújváros University

Keywords: ideal economic culture, traditional competitive advantages, lateral innovation, case studies

Comprehensive Analysis of Intellectual Capital of Visegrad Countries and Romania Using Their Most Significant Companies

Mirjam Hamad, Tibor Tarnóüczi

Keywords:  intellectual capital, value added intellectual coefficients, multivariate analysis, multidimensional scaling

Analysis of the Financial Situation of Sports Companies and Their Relationship with the Notes to the Financial Statements in the 2014-2017 Years

Dóra Kerezsi, Éva Bába Bácsné, Krisztina Dajnoki, Veronika Fenyves

Keywords: sports sector, indexes reflecting financial situation, index numbers, assets structure indexes, notes to the financial statements