Thursday - 27th of February, 2020

12:00-13:00 Registration of participants

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Conference Opening

14:30-16:00 Plenary Session 1

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break, Association of Farmers from Érmellék- product presentation

16:30-18:00 Parallel Sessions

19:30 Dinner

Plenary Session 1

Kvetoslava Matlovicova: The Place of Origin Effect. Definition, Determinants & Possibilities of the Use in Marketing Practice.

Enikő Fogarasi-Rüsz: The Amusement Tourism and History of Gastronomy

Zoltán Bujdosó: Touristic purpose utilization of a cultural landscape on the example of Lake Tisza

English Session

Chair: Florin Alexandru Luca

Co-chair: Csaba Szűcs

Florin Alexandru Luca: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Tourism in North EastRegion of Romania

Ágnes Kerekes-Mayer –  Gyöngyi Kovács: Evaluation of cheese competitions organised by the Association of Hungarian Cheesemakers (MSE)

Nicholas Imbeah: Survey Results of Tourists’ Safety in the Central Region of Ghana

Gabriela-Elena Csoka: Romania's tourism potential in Transylvania

Tianyi Li: Sustainable tourism in Dali (progress, challenges and opportunities)

Cultural Tourism Session (Hungarian session)

Chair: Verók Attila

Co-chair: Szilágyi Ferenc

Anett Tőzsér : Exploring sustainable development through the example of the Csíksomlyó Shrine

Gábor Veres: Folk Culture as a Tourist Attraction in a Metropolitan Environment

Attila Verók: The Capability of the Cultural and Ecological Heritage of Oradea and Eger to Promote Tourism 

Bulcsú Remenyik – Botond Sikó – Péter Huszár – Kata Feketéné Benkó – Richárd Vetró : Development of ethnic tourism in the Szeklerland

Ferenc Szilágyi - Elekes Tibor: The State of Tourism in the Partium Region - 2019

Alpár Horváth: Tourism orientation of museums in Szeklerland

Turizmuspolitika, Turizmusfejlesztés Szekció (Hungarian session)

Chair: Katalin Gál 

Co-chair: Tibor Kovács

Katalin Gál – Tünde Gál : Sport and Tourism Policies in Romania. A historical overview.

Blanka Vanyúr: Overtourism in Budapest from the perspective of the main development plans and documents

Krisztina Czuczor: Evaluation of tourism development planning and implementation in Bihor County regarding the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods

János Talpas: Trends of tourist attractions

Marketing Session (Hungarian session)

Chair: Edit Veres 

Co-chair: Edith Pallás

Edit Veres: Responsible consumer habits in tourism

Kinga Székely: The Online Presence of Tourism Services in Szeklerland

Edith Pallás: Wine marketing communication in Hercegkút alongside World Heritage cellars 

Orsolya Somodi-Tóth: The role of modern online (tourism) marketing in business and cultural institutions' success

Gyöngyi Kovács : Expanding the Delphi method, its potential in tourism research

Friday - 28th of February, 2020

9:00-10:30 Plenary Session 2

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

Closing Session

13:00 Lunch

Plenary Session 2

Tamara Rátz: The Role of Architecture in Cultural Tourism Development

Norbert Bántó: Opportunities in Bihor County tourism

Béla Benkő - Csaba Szűcs: Presentation of the operation of Hungarian TDM system based on the example of Gyöngyös-Mátra Tourism Association

English Session

Chair: József Fogarasi

Co-chair: Ágnes Kerekes-Mayer

József Fogarasi – Edith Debrenti – Johanna Tripo: The effect of exchange rate volatility on the tourism

Aydan Gurbanova: The development and management of ecotourism in Goygol National Park of Azerbaijan

Adol Gogo Fredrick Collins: Regional Integration and Tourism Management in East African Community

Gvantsa Sekhniashvili: Wine Tourism Destination Competitiveness

Tibor Kovács: Tourism potential of Kisújszállás, a non-typical settlement on the Great Hungarian Plain, in the 21st century

Sustainable Tourism Session (Hungarian session)

Chair: Domjánné Nyizsalovszki Rita

Co-chair: Vígh Enikő Zita

Artur Lakatos: Tourism between Values and Interests: The Issue of Sustainable and Ecological Development of Tourism Industry, Through Case-Studies from Romania

Gábor Czicze – Borbála Benkhard: My tent is my castle – The changes of unauthorised encampments at the Tisza-tó reservoir

Rita Domjánné Nyizsalovszki – Tamás Czira – Kornél Németh – Sütő Attila – Erzsébet Péter: Climate adaptation challenges and local responses in tourism of Northern Hungary

Zoltán Varga: Sustainable tourism

Enikő Zita Vígh: Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 - Foster sustainable development and efficient management of natural resources

Sport- and Health-Tourism (Hungarian session)

Chair: Bujdosó Zoltán

Co-chair: Florian Gyula

Tamás Várhelyi: The global trends of wellness and medical tourism and the possible adaptation

László Csóka – Réka Hegedüs – Mária Törőcsik: Sport travels of lifestyle groups

Réka Hegedüs – László Csóka – Mária Törőcsik : The attendance about sport events of the 50+ cohorts

Gyula Florian: Medical tourism in Băile Felix

Zoltán Nagy: Is catering prepared for food allergies and their cross allergies?

Róbert Szabó: The Effects of Health Tourism Investments in the Spas and Thermal Baths in the Northern Hungarian Region